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Original frescoes and plaster paintings by Steve Bogdanoff

American artist Steve Bogdanoff is a master in replicating the fresco form through the fresco-secco technique. Originally influenced by ancient Greek art, Steve’s career has flourished since his initial fresco-secco achievement in 1990, earning him international recognition in his field. Steve's work can be found in a vast number of public and private art collections worldwide.

Utilizing his acute attention to color and composition, Steve creates unique works of art in a myriad of styles, from abstraction and neo-expressionism to realism. His intent is to achieve the creation and reinvention of images that have the powerful ability to extract an array of emotions through a variety of concepts and the inspiring richness provided through the technique of paint application to plaster.

“My initial introduction to fresco art came during my studies of the Greek Minoan civilization, circa 1500bc. The artists on the island of Thera were innovators in utilizing color from the earth, and their free style of drawing and interpretation of subject matter was exceptional. I believe that art as we know it today was borne from these ancient artists, and I strive to honor them through my work.”



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